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Life story
August 22, 2014
Passed away on August 22, 2014.
August 22, 2014
This story is about how my beautiful Daisy came to live with me  and my family GB her.
                    {{Here's how my story beings}}.

It was a few years ago that Daisy came to live with us, what a beautiful day that was.
My husband John and I thought she was a stray but apparently she was not.
Daisy happened to live just down the road from us, but what made us think she was a stray, is because Daisy was on our shed roof very late at night and very early next morning bless her.
Both me and John felt so sorry for her, So I could'nt stand it any longer knowing shes out there day and night just walking around.
So one sunny afternoon I saw Daisy coming through our gate, she came right up to me purring her little head off.
So I went in and brought some ham on a plate out for her to eat, she ate ever little bit, then I gave her some water to drink it was a very hot summer's day that year.
I then came in doors and said Goodbye to her, one hour later I looked through our living room window and she was still there bless her.
I thought right thats it I'm taking her in, I could'nt stand it knowing she might not have anywhere to live.
Daisy was happy when I brought her in to our home,she never left my side all that day.Then one day Daisy was sunbathing on our shed roof, she so loved the shed roof.
Her owner spotted her on our shed roof and came over to me and John, she was shouting her name Ginga come down we have been wondering where you have been, but Daisy would'nt go to her owner.
Then her owner said well she seems very happy with you and your husband, then the owner of Daisy said if you like she can stay and live with you both.
John and I was so over the moon on what we heard, that Daisy can come and live with us, that was a very happy day for us.
I also think that is was a very happy day for Daisy has well coming to live with us.
One Christmas we bought our Daisy a beautiful dark red collar it had studs all round it, and when the sun was out it sparkled like diamonds, it looked so beautiful on her.
Daisy's favorite kitty treats was Felix Goodybag, she loved them so much, and would have ate them all day long bless her.
She loved it when I had time to get her toys out and play with her, we both had such lovely times playing.
And it was such a joy to watch her playing with her toys running around after them.
Daisy loved my computer chair so much, she would often have afternoon naps, and sleep most nights on it.
But there was times when she would go and sleep all night on her Dad's computer chair.
There was some nights when she would come onto our bed and get in the middle of me and her Dad.
And like all kitties Daisy would from time to time bring home little presents for us, Yes little mice, we had to wait till she dropped them before we could remove them from our garden path.
And now here is the very upsetting part in our lifes with Daisy, when on the 22nd of August 2014 she was attacked so bad from a very vicious and powerful dog from next door.
They never came around to say how sorry they were, it just shows you what sort of people they are.
But those precious few years we had with Daisy we will never forgot, they mean the world to us and always will.
And Thank You Daisy for all those precious memories you gave us and coming into our lifes God Bless You, they will remain in our hearts for evermore.
So you now know how my beautiful Daisy came into our lives.
And Thank You so much to all who reads Daisy's story.
Bless you all from her Mum and Dad.